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My Hike to Fourth Falls

I have had many great days and many horrible days. Some days stand out more than others do. The first time I ever went to camp was a great day. Some days are both horrible and wonderful. The day I went to fourth falls was one of those days.

It was two days before my first year of camp at the Wilds. The Wilds is a Christian Camp located in the southern part of South Carolina. I knew we would be hiking a lot so I convinced my mom to buy me a new pair of hiking boots.

On the fourth day of camp we woke up and proceeded with our normal camp routine for the day, after lunch we changed into our swim suits and put clothes on over them. I put on my new boots and we walked to the bridge where we were going to meet. I was wearing my camouflage because it was supposed to sprinkle, and it did sprinkle. By the time we had walked from our cabin, a few hundred feet away, it was pouring. Like water gushing out of bottle.

We started the hike. We were to tell our counselors to which falls we were going. We could go to the First Falls or the Fourth Falls. My friend and I decided to go to the Fourth falls. We had heard that it was the largest and most spectacular falls.

The hike was long, strenuous, and down muddy slopes. It wasnít really mud; it was a brown-orange clay. Mud stuck on everything including my "new" boots. Some times the only thing keeping us from rolling down the mountain were a few scattered trees.

Finally, we go to the waterfall more beautiful than I could imagine. For the last ten minutes of the hike we could hear the waterfall roaring on the distance. Renewed by the rain Fourth Falls was gushing a new with a fury. It sounded as if a thousand bulls stampeding over a cliff in the distance. Fourth Falls cascaded down a hundred feet, water cold as ice. We swam in the fifty-degree water for half an hour. We were the last ones out.

The way back to camp is almost a vertical climb. It was so much fun climbing that mountain staircase with steps two to three feet in height. It took forever but like I said we enjoyed it. When we got back I looked at my boots, they were a sight to behold what had been beautiful new boots were now caked with brown-orange mud, and they were sopping wet, what a mess.

Iíve had some great days and some bad days. My trip to Fourth Falls was both because I had a great time, but my "new" boots ended up dirty. Overall my trip turned out to be a great day and gave me some wonderful memories.